Postal Pieces

random postcardLondon Sinfonietta has been asking for answers on a postcard. Inspired by composer James Tenney’s Postal Pieces, which consists of ten tiny musical ideas on postcards, they have invited the public to send their own idea on a postcard. Selected pieces will be performed at Kings Place on the same day as Postal Pieces.

Tenney’s pieces demonstrate the connection between form and perception, for example by using simple text instructions such as ‘very soft…very long…almost white’. Most things are left open to the performer’s interpretation.  The thing I find intriguing about this idea is that the postcard forces you to express a musical idea in the most concise way possible. Or maybe in a modular fashion (perhaps in a performance where the next section can only be played once it arrives in the post?!). Loads of fun.

The deadline for submitting postcards has now passed, but a selection of the submissions are on the London Sinfonietta blog. Performances are at Kings Place throughout the day on Sunday 15 September, with Tenney’s Postal Pieces at 9.30pm. (Part of Kings Place Festival.)


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