Pedal-powered Portraits

Cyclist portraits via

Cyclist portraits via

Craftspace are encouraging cyclists to visit them in Birmingham this week to pose for a portrait whilst cycling. The portrait is embroidered by Harriett Riddell using a sewing machine powered by the pedals of her subject’s bike.  It’s a neat little idea which reminded me of something I noticed a while back. Now that cycling has become a fashion statement as much as a mode of transport (exemplified by Urban Outfitters’ bespoke bike shop), I am surprised that travelling on two-wheels hasn’t infiltrated arts programming more. Perhaps it would have done if there was still as much money available for sport/art crossovers post-2012. There have been countless site-specific walking soundtracks, and DJ/poet Charlie Dark has formed ‘running and ideas collective’ Run Dem Crew, but what about cycling?

Part of In:site festival presenting new craft in unexpected contexts, Birmingham Cathedral, 9-13 September.


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