A million more ideas

boom image

I’m excited to say I’ve been selected to be a fellow in the BOOM programme, which is a professional development scheme for artists and producers working with music/sound outdoors and in unusual spaces. It’s run by Oxford Contemporary Music (OCM), and I am one of four fellows for 2017/18. I’m taking part as a producer, alongside three artists who are working in an astonishing range of different ways.

I felt it would be useful to bring this blog back to life during the fellowship since it functions as a scrapbook to capture projects I find exciting, and is a way of recording my experiences and learning.

Through BOOM I’m hoping to build on the things I’ve already produced and commissioned which present jazz in new and unusual ways at Cheltenham Jazz Festival. I’ll have some support in developing new projects for the festival and there will also be plenty of opportunities to develop my own skills and knowledge. The OCM team have acres of experience (is that measured in acres?) which I’m excited to tap into, especially for presenting wonderfully weird performances and installations outside. Need to make sure your wind-powered noise-making sculpture doesn’t blow over? Need to know how to get permission to make holes in a cricket pitch?  They are the people to ask.

I started this blog in 2013 while I was working at the Barbican. Having moved to London I found myself immersed in a huge range of new cultural experiences, which was a brilliant thing because I was spending a lot of my working hours immersed in dull paperwork. So I started writing here as a way to share what I found interesting and inspiring. I didn’t realise it at the time but my brain was probably craving some stimulation! Now I’m returning with the opposite problem: I’m learning about and doing so many interesting things that I need somewhere to log it all and make sense of it.

I never quite made it to a million ideas the first time around (erm, try five!), but here goes my second attempt…


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